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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 126
Murderers Without a Trace... Who Are the Artificial Humans?!

Air Date: February 5, 1992

Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan fly to where Trunks mentioned that the Androids first striked. They meet up with Kuririn along the way and arrive at the Southern capitol. They meet up with Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Bulma who are already there. Bulma has brought along the baby trunks with her, and she tells everyone she will leave after she sees what the Androids look like. Shortly afterward, Yajirobei lands in an aircar and tosses Goku a bag on senszus. He leaves because he "doesn't want to die." Everyone thinks it's odd that it's after 10 A.M. and they haven't sensed the Androids ki. Yamcha then believes that maybe there aren't any anrdoids, because if they're so strong, they could easily pick up their ki if they were anywhere in the world. Just then, Yajirobei's air car explodes and Piccolo spots the Androids, who land in the capitol. They all go after them, as Gohan heads off to help Yajirobei and Goku tosses Bulma the bag of senszus. After they look around in the capitol for a while, the Androids begin to attack its citizens. Yamcha hears a scream and he runs to it. The Androids pick up someone's energy level and they fly into the air. After they see it's Yamcha, and not Goku, they land behind him. Yamcha eventually realizes that they're the Androids, since he sees the Red Ribbon Army symbol on their clothing. Before he can get the others attention, the older of the two Androids (and the much skinnier one) puts his hand over Yamcha's mouth. A truck drives up to them, and swerves so as not to hit them. The truck crashes into a gas station, causing a big explosion. Goku and the others see the smoke, but they're too late as the Android starts to drain Yamcha's energy. As Yamcha feels himself growing weaker, he is unable to get out of the Android's grasp and the Android shoves his arm through Yamcha's chest.

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