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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 125
License Mastery? Goku's Newest Trial

Air Date: January 29, 1992

Chichi is chased by a wild boar on her way home from grocery shopping. She manages to stop before falling off of a cliff, but the boar doesn't. On her way home, she is saddened when she sees a happy couple driving their aircar. Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo return from their training and Gohan brings a giant fish that he caught. Goku takes off most of his clothes to prepare for a bath and tosses them to Chichi. Enraged, she yells at Goku that he doesn't even have a driver's licese. Goku tells her Piccolo doesn't either and he yells at Goku that he hasn't had any need for one. She tells Goku and Piccolo if they don't get driver's licenses, she won't make them dinner anymore. The next day, Piccolo and Goku are dressed up in normal people's clothing and are introduced to their driving instructors. Goku's is an old man named Used Carr and Piccolo's is a nice woman named Cynthia who turns out to be a speed demon. While they drive, Goku encounters various problems. Piccolo's instructor keeps commenting on how good of a job he's doing. Goku continually drives fast, sometimes backing up instead of moving forward. When the instructor asks if he can have the steering wheel, Goku breaks it off and hands it to him. When Goku passes Piccolo, Piccolo thinks Goku is trying to race him and he accidentally collides with Goku. Later, they are taken outside of the driving school where it's raining. As they drive, they see an avalanche of rocks knock a bus full of kids off of a cliff. Goku and Piccolo break through their cars to rescue them. Afterward, the instructors tell them with their powers they have no need to get licenses. When Piccolo and Goku return home without driver's licenses, Chichi passes out. At the end of this episode, we are told that three years pass.

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