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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 124
I'll Surpass You Goku!! The Warrior Race Saiyajin King

Air Date: January 22, 1992

Yamcha and Pu'ar spy on Vegeta as he has a hard time training under 300G's of gravity. That night, Yamcha sneaks into the capsule ship and attempts 300G. Luckily, he is able to turn it back down to 1G before he gets crushed to death. The next day we get to see a conversation between Mr. Briefs, Mrs. Briefs, and Bulma. We see that Mrs. Briefs is starting to like Vegeta. As Vegeta continues his training, he accidentally blows up the capsule ship. Bulma and Yamcha run to the scene and Vegeta crawls out of the wreckage. Bulma runs to him and holds him in her arms, scolding him a little bit for almost taking out her house. Elsewhere, Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo spar. While Vegeta recovers in the Briefs' house, he has a nightmare about how he is unable to hit SSJ Goku and SSJ Trunks as they laugh at him. He wakes up to see Bulma asleep in the chair beside him. Later, he starts training again as Yamcha and Pu'ar spy on him. Bulma appears on the video screen in the capsule ship, yelling at him for training in his condition. He tells her to shut up if she wants the world to survive the androids.

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