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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 122
My Father is Vegeta... The Mysterious Youth's Confession

Air Date: January 8, 1992

Trunks and Goku go elsewhere to talk, where their conversation can't be overheard. Goku tells Trunks that he learned a new technique while staying on Vardrotto called "instantaneous movement." Trunks realizes that he changed history for no reason, since Goku could've killed Freeza after all. At Trunks's request, Goku turns Super Saiyajin and Trunks does the same. Trunks lunges at Goku with his sword and stops it right before it hits Goku's face. When he asks why Goku didn't block, Goku tells him that he felt no killing intent. Trunks tells him that he won't stop again and Goku nods. Goku easily blocks all of Trunks's attacks with his forefinger. Satisfied, Trunks turns back to normal and so does Goku. Trunks reveals that he is from 20 years into the future and his father is Vegeta. He tells Goku that in three years, on May 12 around 10AM, a powerful pair of androids will show up 9 KM away from the southern continent. He explains they were created by a mad scientist, Dr. Gero, of the Red Ribbon Army. But shortly after they were created they killed Dr. Gero and eventually all of the Z-fighters except himself [Trunks]. He tells Goku that he never gets to fight because he contracts heart disease and dies. Trunks gives Goku the cure for heart disease and reveals that the time machine he came in was created by his mother, Bulma. Goku goes to tell the others about the androids and Trunks goes to charge up the time machine. Goku doesn't know what to say and Piccolo reveals that he overheard the whole conversation and will tell everyone himself. Piccolo tells everyone about the androids in a way that Trunks's origin and name aren't revealed. At the end of the episode Trunks returns to the future.

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