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Berserk - Getting Started

I'm glad you've considered getting into Berserk! Berserk is manga written and drawn by a man named Kentaro Miura. It is an epic story dealing with revenge, love, loyalty, philosophy, and much more. The action is very intense and can be extremely gory. Berserk has dealt with rape, slavery, prostitution, and religion; nothing is taboo. But don't worry, there are many funny parts in Berserk too.

I would recommend starting off by watching the anime. There are only 26 episodes, 6 DVD's worth in the U.S. The anime does a good job of getting you hooked to the story, wanting to know what happens next.

The problem with starting off by reading the manga is when you watch the anime you'll realize that characters and scenes have been taken out. Plus, the manga is way better than the anime so it's better to save the best for last.

There are currently more than 27 volumes worth of manga, each numbering between 200 and 250 pages. The anime deals with volumes 1 and 3-13. New chapters premiere on Fridays in a Japanese magazine called Young Animal. New chapters don't really have any specific release schedule; Miura takes breaks every now and then during which there may be a lack of new episodes for over a month. When Miura is on a roll, two or three chapters are released per month.

If you want to buy the manga, I would recommend buying both Japanese and English-translated manga from Anime Nation. I have ordered both versions from this website. Is there any difference between the two types? No, just the language the speech is in. The covers differ graphically, somewhat.

If you want to download manga, you can find volumes at the BitTorrent section of and new chapters at's BBS in the Current Episodes section. Translations for new chapters are posted at that BBS's Translations section. Make sure you download BitTorrent first!

I hope you enjoy Berserk as much as I do!

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