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Berserk - Chapter Summaries

This section lists all chapters in Berserk. Each chapter listing is accompanied with brief highlights on what happened in the chapter.

Guts: Guts was born from a woman who was hanged from a tree. He was discovered and taken care of by a lady who was a member of a mercenary caravan. After she died from a disease, her lover Gambino raised Guts and taught him how to fight. After losing his leg in battle, Gambino became jealous of Guts's abilities and one night tried to kill Guts in his sleep. Guts defended himself and accidentally killed Gambino. Afterward, he was chased by Gambino's friends who thought Guts murdered him. After that incident, Guts raised himself and earned a living as a mercenary. One day another mercenary leader named Griffith, who led a group called The Band of the Hawk, admired Guts's fighting abilities and took him in as one of his own. Guts and Griffith proved to be the ultimate team and were undefeated in battle. One day they came across a monster named Zodd, who defeated them in a fight. After discovering Griffith's Behelit, Zodd advised Guts to never let Griffith lose his ambition or it would mean Guts's certain death. Guts continued to help Griffith with his dream of getting his own kingdom until one day he decided he needed to follow his own dream and left the Hawks. After a long time, Guts decided to return to the Hawks and found that they were being hunted by the King of Midland and that Griffith was imprisoned for sleeping with Princess Charlotte. Guts assisted them in their struggle to rescue Griffith. During that time he fell in love with the new leader of the Hawks, Caska. After rescuing Griffith, they discovered that not much was left of him, physically or mentally. One evening Griffith escaped and Guts and the Hawks chased after him. Guts got to Griffith first and found that he was holding his lost Behelit. Griffith's sorrow and blood managed to activate the Behelit, which summoned four demon kings called the God Hand. The God Hand grant Griffith's desire to have his own kingdom in exchange for the sacrifice of his Hawks. This leads to an event called the Eclipse. Everyone is slaughtered by demons called Apostles. Griffith became the fifth member of the God Hand and was given a new body. He then raped Caska in front of Guts. Guts cut his arm off in order to escape the grasp of the Apostle holding him. He then lost one of his eyes from being held down by a group of Apostles who forced him to continue to watch. Guts and Caska managed to survive the Eclipse because they were rescued by Skullknight. After the Eclipse, Guts vowed revenge against Griffith and the Apostles and hunted them down one by one. Along the way, Guts saves a fairy named Puck, who joins Guts in his journey and serves as comic relief and a healer. One day, when returning to visit ____, he discovered that Caska was gone and was at Albion. Guts managed to rescue her before she was burnt at the stake. Afterward, a new Eclipse began as Caska's demon child merged with an Apostle. Griffith was reincarnated in human form as a result of the merger that took place during this Eclipse. Before he's attacked by the Kushan Empire, Zodd rescued Griffith and flies away. Farneze, Serpico, and Ishidoro join Guts, Caska, and Puck after the new Eclipse. They begin a journey to heal Caska of her insanity by heading to Puck's home village. Along the way they encounter a town under attack by trolls. When looking for the source of the trolls, they discover a realm called Qlipoth is crossing into theirs. As they head to stop Qlipoth, they are joined by a witch's apprentice named Schierke and her elf named Evarella.

Farneze: As Farneze oversees heretics being burned at the stake, we learn that as a child her window faced a town square where the Inquisition burned heretics at the stake. We discover that as a child she even partook in some of the burnings.

Ishidoro: Ishidoro ran away from his village one year before he met Guts because of his ambition to become an expert warrior. He plans on doing this by stealing Guts's techniques from him.

Morgan: Morgan is an Inock villager. As a child, he would run into the nearby forest in an attempt to catch elves and see witches. His dream was to get away from his village, journey to Vrittanis, and set sail on the sea. All of that changed one day when his mother fell ill. After getting lost in the forest in an attempt to find a witch to help his mother he somehow wound up at Flora's house. She gave him medicine that saved his mother's life. He ended up never going back into the forest and instead lived a normal life at the village. Later on, all of his family died from the famine that resulted from the plague. After the trolls started attacking their village, he and four others ventured into the forest to seek the witch's help. Only he survived the trolls and was healed by Puck after Guts and co. came across him on their journey to Elfhelm.

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