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Berserk - Chapter Summaries

This section lists chapters in Berserk along with brief highlights on what happened. Some of these chapters are missing a ton of detail. I plan on putting that detail in future sections.

Chapter 119: Farneze orders the Holy Iron Chain Knights to capture Guts. Guts has trouble fighting them because he's in such bad shape from his previous battle. Eventually he gets angry and chops five of them in half. Azan tells Farneze and Serpico to stay behind since they are unaccustomed to combat, saying that he'll fight to weaken the black swordsman.

Chapter 120: Azan challenges Guts to an honorable duel. Guts remembers the tale of the Bridge Knight Azan who, long ago, protected an old man that tried to guard a bridge by himself. Guts is unable to fight well because he is at the last of his body's strength. He decides the only way out is to take Farneze captive. He jumps off of Azan's weapon and over everyone. When he almost makes it to her, a stick hits his arrow wound, causing him to pass out and get his neck cut on Farneze's sword. Guts is taken captive. Some of the knights want to take advantage of the situation and get revenge, but Azan scolds them and defends Guts's actions. Farneze orders for all troops to withdraw.

Chapter 121: Guts is binded in shackles and is taken to Farneze's tent, where he is interrogated by Farneze. He makes a mockery of God, her faith, and the way she treats her commanders so she whips him multiple times. Farneze becomes fascinated with Guts's wounds for a moment. When she goes to touch his chest with her whip, Azan comes into the tent and asks what is going on. Farneze orders for Guts to be taken away to his cell. When the night falls, Guts sees an evil spirit.

Chapter 122: Puck frees Guts from his cage. They head to Farneze's tent and spy on her. They see that she's topless, whipping herself on the back, and praying. Guts knocks her out, puts on his gear, takes her as a hostage, and burns down her tent. He uses a torch to scare all of the horses away and steals one. Serpico takes a horse and pursues Guts. Along the way, Puck discovers that Farneze can't see him. Serpico aims an arrow at Guts but doesn't fire when a pack of evil spirits soar past him, heading toward Guts.

Chapter 123: The evil spirits reach Guts's horse. When Guts starts to kill them he messes up the horse's balance and they fall down a steep slope. Guts catches Farneze before she hits her head on some rocks. Farneze runs away but stops when she finds a pack of wild dogs standing in her way. They are possessed by the evil spirits so Guts kills them.

Chapter 124: As Guts continues to kill the possessed dogs, Farneze is unable to find the words to pray. She tries to escape by mounting their fallen horse, but it turns out the horse has been possessed as well. When Guts sees the horse about to rape Farneze, he remembers Caska during the eclipse and becomes enraged. He chops off the horse's head and tells Farneze not to wonder off. Puck wonders what the image was that was just in Guts's mind (of Caska during the eclipse).

Chapter 125: Farneze is possessed by an evil spirit. She gets completely naked, lays on top of Guts, and tries to get him to use his sword to split her in half. He tries to break free from her grip but she is possessed with inhuman strength. The sun comes out, causing the evil spirit to leave her. Serpico shows up and Farneze orders him to kill Guts. He protests so she slaps him. Serpico says goodbye to Guts. When Guts turns around, Serpico suddenly attacks him but Guts is ready and counterattacks. Everyone then departs.

Chapter 126: Everybody in Windham, perhaps Midland, all have a vision of a horrible future (towns being destroyed, the plague, darkness, starvation) followed by being saved by a white hawk. Lord Raban saves some villagers from a mudslide and heads to a nearby town only to find corpses and rats everywhere. We learn the King of Midland has gone mad after having the hawk vision and is on the verge of death. After Raban leaves the town, the rats form into the head of a God Hand, who spits some evil spirits from his mouth.

Chapter 127: The King of Midland is on his deathbed. Lord Owen tries to persuade Charlotte to leave her room to see her father before he dies. The King dies after having a vision of Griffith swooping down to take Charlotte from him. Windham is invaded by the Kushan Empire.

Chapter 128: Zodd kills a mercenary corps of 300 men. Afterward, he wishes that he could fight someone stronger than him. He then has the vision of being cut in half by a white hawk and discovers afterward that his left horn has been cut off. He then hears the hawk telling him that he will appear when the sky falls down in the holy place of shepherds. Elsewhere, Puck and Guts sleep on a hill where they can't be attacked by evil. Guts has a vision of Caska being burned at the stake. He awakens to find that the vision was given to him by his demonchild. He is told to hurry to where a pillar of fire stands on sacred grown, where blind sheep gather when the heavens fall.

Chapter 129: Guts and Puck return to Godo's house. Guts discovers that Caska dissapeared when she was gathering berries with Erica, one month after she was no longer kept in the cave. We learn Rickert looked for her for a month but returned to look after Erica and Godo. Guts discovers Goto is dying. Goto examines Guts's sword and artificial arm and is amazed at how much battling he's gone through. Goto makes Guts realize that he left what was most important behind, the one he loved, to take the easy way out by escaping into revenge.

Chapter 130: Erica and Rickert show Guts and Puck the graveyard of swords that Rickert made for the deceased Band of the Hawk members. Rickert has Guts give him his gear so that he can fix it up for him. Guts sleeps down in the elf cave so that he can get some rest without evil spirits bothering him. Restless from being seperated from his sword, Guts reflects on past decisions that he made and decides it's not too late; he will not leave Caska ever again.

Chapter 131: Rickert thanks Puck for helping Erica to smile again and for keeping Guts sane during the two years that he was gone. Godo comes downstairs and decides to use the last of his strength to repair Guts's equipment. Godo reveals that he found Erica long ago, outside of a burning house, her family being casualties of war. In the morning, Rickert gives Guts new armor that Goto prepared a while back for his return, as well as an improved bow gun and flame gun that he made himself. Guts learns about an old temple named Albion (also called "The Tower of Conviction") from Rickert, decides it's his best lead to where Caska may be, and leaves. Elsewhere, the Holy Iron Chain Knights are escorting an infamous inquisitor named Mozgus's carriage.

Chapter 132: An assassination attempt is made on Mozgus's carriage by some armed peasants who want revenge for Mozgus accusing their town of heresy and burning their women and children alive while they were out at war. Their attempt is thwarted by Mozgus's henchmen who were in his carriage with him. While the assassins are executed, one makes a run for it and runs into Caska. A soldier mistakes Caska for being in on it with him, but is saved by a girl who explains that Caska is innocent. After the assasins are left for the birds, the girl takes Caska away from the scene.

Chapter 133: A kid named Ishidoro is forced to hand his sack of food over to a group of bandits. After they eat some of the food, they discover Ishidoro poisoned it. It turns out there are more to the group of bandits. Ishidoro tries to convince them that a group of Kushan troops were responsible. Suddenly, Kushan troops actually do show up and quickly kill the rest of the mercenaries. Ishidoro hides but is discovered. Guts shows up right before Ishidoro is attacked slowly walks toward the Kushan troops. A few Kushan troops run toward Guts to attack him.

Chapter 134: Guts easily kills the rest of the Kushan soldiers. Puck gets some food and wine from Ishidoro in return for having saved his life. Ishidoro follows Guts. We see that Guts is being watched by an elite Kushan and his hang of powerful-looking henchmen. Caska is shown standing in front of the Tower of Conviction, which lies at the center of Albion.

Chapter 135: At Albion, a group of hungry peasants stop a carriage of food and medical supplies that are being taken to the Tower of Conviction. The Holy Iron Chain Knights stop the peasants from stealing church property and round them up, asking why they are behaving in such a manner. The peasants explain their situation and how badly they need the food to survive. Mozgus overhears a woman's concern for her dying child and tells them that they are forgiven. He brings the pesants and the Knights with him into Albion Abbey. The baby is placed into proper care and Mozgus informs the mother that aid has been requested from the Vatican. He takes her, Farneze, Azan, and Serpico to a torture chamber and has the mother tortured.

Chapter 136: We discover that the girl who rescued Caska earlier is a prostitute. We first see that she's involved with one of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, who is named Jerome. We then discover that Luca is keeping Caska (who she calls Elen) wrapped up in bandages, claiming that she has syphilis, so that no one sees how beautiful she is. Otherwise, someone may steal Caska away. Luca makes a pack with her friends to always equally share their profits. Luca tells her friend to take Caska with her to get some water. We learn that Luca's friend, Nina, has an STD and is very scared of everything that could happen to her as a result.

Chapter 137: A set of eyes watch Caska and the possessed, dead bodies that head in her direction. Suddenly, the set of eyes spot Caska's demonic child, who draws the bodies away from Caska. Caska starts to head over to her child, but Nina takes Caska with her back to the encampment. In Albion, Farneze and Serpico try to find Mozgus. Along the way, they see the true forms of two of Mozgus's henchmen. A third henchman leads Farneze and Serpico to Mozgus. Along the way, he reveals that he and all of the henchmen are outcasts, due to their appearances, but were lovingly accepted by Mozgus. When they reach Mozgus he is praying but slamming his head against the floor in the process.

Chapter 138: Mozgus's henchman reveals that Mozgus is performing a ritual that he does 1000 times a day, morning and night. Farneze questions her Knights' assigned task and tells him about how the peasants are angry and her subordinates are irritated. Mozgus tells her not to worry and to proceed soley for the good of God. Meanwhile, a man names Joachim who seems to care for Nina approaches her and Nina tells him to meet her at midnight if he has the courage. He does indeed meet her and he admits that he loves her she takes him to see a "dreadful deity."

Chapter 139: Nina takes Joachim to a cave where there is a massive cult gathered around a huge stew, having a massive orgy and some sort of evil deity with a goat's head appears to be in charge. Luca follows them into the cave and watches from above. One of the illusions coming out of the fire appears to be the God Hand Slann, who the people refer to as the "fire goddess." Nina has sex with Joachim and has him peform the rituals to join the cult. For the last ritual he is to drink from the stew. When he discovers there are human body parts in the stew he freaks out and runs away. Nina yells for everyone to kill him so that they aren't betrayed. Joachim ends up falling off a cliff.

Chapter 140: Everyone except for Nina heads back to the cave. Luca approaches Nina, slaps her, and spanks her until she calms down. Luca starts to take Nina back to the camp but sees that the guys from the cult who chased Joachim have come across Caska. At first they leave Caska alone because they think she has syphilis and is insane. However, one guy who wants to see her face takes off Caska's bandages and sees that she's healthy and very pretty. He rips off her clothes and pins her down, causing Caska to have a flashback of the eclipse. Caska starts screaming and somehow summons demons that possess some of the cultists. The possessed start killing off the non-possessed and eventually go for Caska. Caska's child appears in front of her and makes the demons go away. The remaining cultists believe Caska must be a witch and worship her. Meanwhile, we see that Joachim has survived the fall and is being watched by the creature with the eyes.

Chapter 141: The kid that Guts saved earlier has followed Guts and tries to take his sword while Guts sleeps. Puck introduces himself to the kid and we learn his name is Ishidoro. Guts tells Ishidoro that he's better off not hanging around him. Right then, a bunch of corpses attached to wheels attack and Guts begins attacking them. Puck and Ishidoro follow and are attacked. Ishidoro's sword breaks when he tries to hit one. Guts saves them and tosses Ishidoro off a cliff so that he'll be safe.

Chapter 142: Guts has been running for a long time when he comes across Skullknight. Skullknight tells Guts that they are heading to the same place and that there is evil there. He hints that one of the God Hand may be taking physical form there, a hawk that everyone has been wanting to come and save them. He tells Guts that there will be a new eclipse and that he can only choose to either fight the war against the God Hand or save Caska, not both. Then Skullknight leaves and Guts continues his journey and we see that Ishidoro is following him.

Chapter 143: As Farneze oversees heretics being burned at the stake, we learn that as a child her window faced a town square where the Inquisition burned heretics at the stake. We discover that as a child she partook in some of the burnings and is in the position she's in now in order to escape her fear. We also discover that Serpico's mother was burnt at the stake three years ago.

Chapter 144: Luca's friend Pepe is captured because someone informed on her. Luca defends her from being whipped by one of her captors. When the captor goes to hit Luca for insulting him, Guts comes out of nowhere and stops the whip with his artificial arm. He then picks the captor up by his face and asks him if they've captured anyone who has a brand on their breast. Some of the captor's fellow knights attack Guts so he cuts them and their horses in half.

Chapter 145: The soldiers retreat. Luca leads Guts to her tent so that he can find Caska. Unfortunately, they discover that Nina has left, taking Caska with her. Ishidoro and Puck split off from everyone else and find that the cultists have kidnapped Elane and Nina. In order to not lose sight of Caska, they follow them.

Chapter 146: The cultists crown Caska as their queen and decide to rip Nina's heart out for keeping Caska to herself and then have their goat god mate with Caska. Ishidoro tells Puck to go fetch Guts and throws stones at the cultists to buy time. Caska's brand begins to bleed as demons are summoned in the cave. Meanwhile, Joachim guides Farneze and the Holy Iron Chain Knights into the cave where the cultists are. When they arrive they discover that several cultists have been possessed.

Chapter 147: The goat god of the cultists is possessed after being stabbed by the creature whose eyes we've seen multiple times. Ishidoro, Nina, and Caska try to escape but Caska falls down. The goat creature makes its way to Caska and attempts to mate with her.

Chapter 148: Guts shows up and rescues Caska. He battles the goat creature and leaves Caska's rescue to Ishidoro.

Chapter 149: Guts kills the goat creature by stunning it with a miniature bomb followed by chopping its head off. When he goes to follow where Ishidoro went, he is confronted by Serpico. Meanwhile, Ishidoro lowers Nina down a cliff face with a rope. As he lowers Caska down, the creature with the eyes watches.

Chapter 150: Guts discovers that Serpico is a master tactician as he manipulates their surroundings to give Guts a hard time. The creature with the eyes lures Joachim over to where Nina and the others are. When he sees Nina he calls the knights over to their location. Guts manages to overcome Serpico but Serpico manages to escape. Guts finds Ishidoro and learns of Caska and Nina's capture.

Chapter 151: Guts sets off for the Tower of Albion, accompanied by Ishidoro and Luca. Puck searches the tower for Caska. Nina is taken from her and Caska's cell by two of Mozgus's disciples into a torture chamber.

Chapter 152: Farneze receives orders from her father to leave the Tower of Albion by herself and report elsewhere for duty. Farneze and Serpico walk past Nina, who is being taken out of the torture chamber. We discover that she told the two disciples everything before being hurt. She is exchanged with Caska, who is brought before Farneze, Serpico, Mozgus, and Mozgus's disciples. Mozgus sees her brand and decides that no further investigation is necessary. Caska is placed in a torture device which busts apart after being closed. The demons/spirits that were summoned twice before pour forth from the torture device.

Chapter 153: As Luca tries to secretly enter the tower to let Guts and Ishidoro in later, Guts slips in past her. The spirits that were summoned in the interrogation room seep around the walls and begin devouring people. Puck tries to rescue Caska but she is consumed by the spirits. Later on, Guts pulls Farneze away from everyone else as they walk down a corridor and has her take him back to the interrogation room.

Chapter 154: Luca rescues Nina from her cell. They head to the interrogation room to find Caska, but are stopped by the spirits. Meanwhile, Guts enters the room with Farneze and discovers everyone consumed by the spirits had their flesh eaten off. Guts finds Puck under a moving helmet. Puck assures Guts that Caska should be okay because her flesh wasn't eaten off after being absorbed. Puck directs Guts in the direction that the main flow of spirits went. Farneze finally sees Puck and decides to follow Guts. The main flow of spirits breaks into the room where Mozgus and his disciples have made their last stand. Behind them, the creature that has been watching everything dangles from the ceiling.

Chapter 155: The mysterious creature stabs Mozgus in the head. Jerome, Ishidoro, Luca, and Nina are surrounded on both sides by the spirits. Suddenly, flame busts through and blows them apart. Mozgus catches Caska, who falls out of the spirits. He tells Ishidoro and the others that Caska must be burned as a demonstration of God's victory. Ishidoro and Jerome stand in Mozgus's way, so one of the disciples throws a stone column at them. They dodge and the column busts through the wall behind them. Luca slips and falls out the hole but Nina catches her, Jerome catches Nina, and Ishidoro holds on to Jerome. As the mysterious creature watches, Skull Knight shows up above it.

Chapter 156: Luca lets go of Nina's hands and falls. Skullknight chases the mysterious creature down the tower and catches Luca along the way. Guts rescues Ishidoro and the others from one of the disciples' attacks. He charges at Mozgus and swings at him but misses. Skullknight lands at the bottom of the tower which turns out to be a massive grave, filled with corpses. He tells the mysterious creature to show itself. Meanwhile, Mozgus and his disciples sprout wings.

Chapter 157: Guts takes on Mozgus' disciples. He manages to cut one's arm off. Farneze shows up and watches.

Chapter 158: Skullknight manages to injure the mysterious creature but it escapes with Luca. Luca awakens in the creature's lair. The creature reveals to her that it was once a human scavenger that no one knew existed. One day, a group of people saw him and thought he was a monster. After that, he resided in a deep hole. He continued to dig deeper and deeper until one day human corpses were dropped into his hole and he was buried by them. When he was on the verge of death, God Hand came to him since he had a behelit. In exchange for the world they granted his wish of becoming the egg for a perfect world. We then discover he is a massive behelit with legs and appendages.

Chapter 159: The Behelit apostle explains that he identifies himself with Nina. He tells Luca that all he wants is the one thing the world needs. Meanwhile, Guts continues fighting the disciples and manages to injure many of them.

Chapter 160: Mozgus and two of his disciples prepare take off with Caska while Guts continues to fight the rest. We learn that the Behelit apostle has been giving power to those in need. This explains how Mozgus and his disciples got wings, how Mozgus is able to shoot fire from his mouth, and how the cultist goat god got its powers. The apostle behelit explains that he will be exchanged for a savior for the world. Skullknight attacks the apostle from above but the apostle escapes. He then takes Luca out of the pit and we discover that the spirits are very close-by.

Chapter 161: Mozgus and two of his disciples take off with Caska and Ishidoro who got stuck being on Mozgus after breaking a rock over his head. Guts kills all of the remaining disciples. When he walks toward Farneze, the tower begins to shake.

Chapter 162: Skullknight tells Luca that all of the pieces are in place and the door should open soon. His horse arrives and they take off before the spirits overwhelm them. Farneze almost falls out of the tower but Serpico rescues her. We see from Mozgus's point of view that the top of the tower resembles a hand and the massed spirits around it look like giant faces, all of it resembling the first eclipse.

Chapter 163: The clouds above open up to let the sun shine on the tower, resembling the first eclipse even more. Some of the people at the human encampments become possessed and fires start. Guts turns out to be on top of the hand and sees that the fires in encampments below resemble the shape of his brand. Mozgus rescues everyone in front of the tower from the possessed and spirits by shooting fire from his mouth. He tosses Ishidoro off of him and announces that Caska represents the pagans and he will execute her there.

Chapter 164: The people below prepare to burn Caska at the stake. Guts tries to help but is blocked by spirits that mass together to resemble the God Hand, except for Griffith. Guts starts fighting them but realizes they are not the real thing; just illusions.

Chapter 165: Skullknight releases Luca far from the Tower, but she tells him she must return and heads back. Zodd shows up and confronts Skullknight. The Behelit apostle comes across Caska's deformed child, who has run out of energy and appears to be dying. He sympathizes with it and swallows it so that it doesn't have to die alone.

Chapter 166: Ishidoro drops down on a rope, cuts Caska loose, and is raised back up with the help of Jerome and Nina. Mozgus tries to get Caska back but Ishidoro pulls her down just in time. Guts finally fights his way through the spirits, jumps off the top of the tower, and impales Mozgus with his sword.

Chapter 167: Mozgus reveals that his bible managed to make Guts's attack non-lethal. He then transforms and attacks Guts. The two remaining disciples try to capture Caska but their efforts are thwarted thanks to Jerome and Ishidoro.

Chapter 168: The two disciples are injured when Mozgus shoots his fire breath at Guts. Guts manages to shove his sword into Mozgus's mouth and push him backward, but Mozgus is unharmed. When Mozgus goes to break Guts's sword with his mouth, Guts throws a throwing knife in his eye and pulls his sword free. Nina attempts to escape and is almost chopped in half by the two disciples, instead falling off the wall. Puck immobilizes the disciples by temporarily blinding them with a flash of light. After that, Puck knocks them down with rocks and Jerome decapitates them. Meanwhile, the fires from Mozgus's breath attack dwindle down enough that the spirits continue their onslaught.

Chapter 169: Guts discovers that Mozgus's armor is open where he first impaled him. As he gets attacked, Guts manages to slip some of his mini-bombs into Mozgus's opening. After they explode, Guts cuts more of Mozgus's armor open and finally shoves his sword completely through.

Chapter 170: Mozgus holds onto Guts's sword and starts to unleash his breath attack but is instead tossed into the crowd below by Guts. All of the people directly below are consumed by the spirits.

Chapter 171: The remaining people outside the tower start running into it. Azan and his troops start to head inside as well but the people already inside lower the doors. Nina's ankle is injured, so she is not able to run away. When she's almost trampled by people fleeing the spirits, Luca pulls her out of harm's way and puts her in a barrel. Serpico notices that Mozgus's flaming corpse is keeping the spirits away from it. Guts has everyone make torches instead of going inside, since it won't be long before the sun rises and makes the spirits go away.

Chapter 172: Puck tells Ishidoro that the spirits are formed from the dead due to the sickness and sadness of everyone all around the tower. He has realized that the reason why it's happening is because of Guts and Caska's brands being in the same place. The spirits consume the tower, causing it to look even more like the hand from the first eclipse. The God Hand appear to be on the fingers of the tower.

Chapter 173: A light comes from above and down to the Behelit apostle. Griffith appears to rapidly grow inside of the apostle, causing it to crack open. The spirits all vacate the tower as the sun rises and the tower collapses.

Chapter 174: We discover that Nina survived thanks to the barrel and Luca survived by hiding in a well. Suddenly, everyone's attacked by Kushans. As the men are fighting, the women are captured and used as hostages. Azan kills one of the hostage takers and everyone gets ready to continue fighting the Kushans when Zodd shows up. Guts spots Skullknight, who is pointing in the direction where Zodd is running.

Chapter 175: Guts sees that Skullknight is pointing at Griffith. He starts running toward them to attack but is stopped by Caska. Guts chooses to protect Caska instead of attacking Griffith as Ishidoro and the others make their escape.

Chapter 176: Everyone notices that Kushan's main troop has arrived, Zodd is flying Griffith away, and Guts is escaping on a horse with Caska. They also discover that those who did not run to the tower for protection survived the incident. Nina runs into Joachim and they make peace between themselves. Nina decides to head off secretly with Joachim in order to get out from Luca's protection and become a stronger person. Farneze decides to follow Guts and break her ties with the church. Serpico accompanies her.

Chapter 177: Guts and Caska return to Godo's house. Guts is torn between staying there with Caska and hunting down Griffith. Guts discovers that Griffith is in the Hawks' cemetary of swords with Rickert.

Chapter 178: Guts charges at Griffith but Rickert stops him. Guts and Griffith talk for a bit and Guts charges Griffith again for feeling no regret about betraying the Band of the Hawk. Zodd comes out of nowhere and blocks Guts's sword from hitting Griffith.

Chapter 179: Guts and Zodd fight. When Guts manages to damage Zodd's sword, Zodd starts using a sword that was stuck in the ground in addition to his own. Guts uses the armor on his leg to pick up a sword lying on the ground and impale Zodd's chest.

Chapter 180: Zodd transforms and continues to fight Guts. Caska and Erica show up. It appears that Caska is going to be harmed by debris from Zodd coming out of having fallen into Godo's mine. Instead, Griffith shows up next to her and holds her. Caska falls over from the pain coming from her brand from being so close to Griffith and touching him. Zodd starts to resume the battle with Guts but Griffith tells him it's time to go. Griffith gets on Zodd and tells Guts that nothing will stop him from getting his own country.

Chapter 181: Zodd takes off with Griffith. Guts starts shooting arrows at Griffith but Rickert stops him. Afterward, Guts tells Rickert the truth about what happened to the Band of the Hawk. Puck tells Guts that they can all go to his elf homeland, since they know what happens when two branded stop in a normal area for too long.

Chapter 182: Guts convinces Rickert to stay there with Erica and departs with Caska and Puck. Meanwhile, a fort in Midland that refused to surrender three times is taken by a Kushan army. All of the men executed and the women and children are taken hostage. A girl whose parents were burned to death earlier senses that Griffith is coming. Varkilaka and his henchmen from earlier report to the Kushan leader in charge of the operation about what happened with Griffith and Zodd. The leader scolds him when suddenly Varkilakas jumps up and catches an arrow before it hits the him. Varkilakas's henchmen, called Tarpatha, easily kill the Midland soldiers who made the assassination attempt. Afterward, Griffith shows up on horseback.

Chapter 183: Griffith suddenly moves in front of the Kushan leader and kills him. The Kushan archers shoot arrows at him, but all of their paths diverge and miss. Zodd shows up and massacres Kushan troops. A powerful knight named Locus shows up under guidance from an oracle and joins forces with Griffith. The girl who sensed Griffith earlier recognizes him, frees herself from her bindings, and runs up to his side.

Chapter 184: Two Tarpatha attack Griffith but are somehow pushed backward. A strange being named Rakushas shows up (also under guidance from oracles), joins forces with Griffith, and fights the two Tarpatha. A giant warrior busts through the castle doors and joins the cause against the Kushans as well. We discover that a group of mysterious beings have killed all of the Kushan soldiers inside of the castle. A sorceress named Schierke sitting a distance away from the castle has been watching what took place by using a bird. As the sun sets, all of the mysterious warriors have completed the slaughter and bow before Griffith.

Chapter 185: Farneze and Serpico take shelter from the cold and make a fire. Serpico reflects on when he first met Farneze. Farneze took him in one day after seeing him lying in the snow from being beaten up. She employed him as her personal servant. We discover that Serpico is the bastard son of a nobleman, who turns out to be Farneze's father. In exchange for keeping it secret between him, his dying mother, and Farneze's father, Serpico is kept around and given the title of a nobleman.

Chapter 186: We learn more about the history of Farneze and Serpico in this chapter. We are shown how she became the leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. We also discover that one day Serpico's mother was among these about to be burned as heretics. Farneze had Serpico burn his mother alive to prove that no knights of the Holy Iron Chain had ties with heretics.

Chapter 187: Guts and Caska continue their journey to Elfhelm. One night Puck keeps watch and has Guts sleep. In his dream, a beast tempts Guts to leave behind or kill Caska since she is not the same person he fell in love with anymore. Guts wakes up and kills a spirit that was messing with his mind. He also kills spirits that are doing the same to Caska and discovers that Puck fell asleep.

Chapter 188: One night Guts is fighting off spirits when Caska comes out near them. They all fly toward Caska but Guts shields her. The spirits possess Guts and he starts strangling her. Guts regains himself and the sun rises, dissipating the spirits. When Caska regains consciousness she freaks out after seeing Guts again and runs away. Guts is forced to tie her up in order to bring her with him on the journey.

Chapter 189: One day Puck falls asleep while keeping watch and Caska escapes. As they go looking for her, she comes across some thieves. When they start to rape her, she cries out. Guts hears her and when he reaches her he finds that she's killed all of the thieves with one of their swords. She attacks Guts so he trips her and pins her down. Suddenly, he starts getting carried away and holds her there, kissing her.

Chapter 190: Guts gets carried away because of the beast inside of him. He winds up regaining control of himself after having bitten into her breast. Elsewhere, Puck sees Ishidoro, who has stolen Farneze and Serpico's luggage after offering to carry it for them. Serpico trips Ishidoro and Farneze catches up. Puck brings them all over to Guts who has Caska clothed and tied up to a tree. Farneze requests accompanying Guts on his journey.

Chapter 191: Guts tells Farneze she can do whatever she wants as long as she doesn't get in the way. Elsewhere, in South Midland, a group of Midland troops led by a young man named Mule attack a troop of Kushans to protect commonfolk that are in danger. Not too far away Griffith shows up on horseback.

Chapter 192: We discover that the Kushans are using male, Midland prisoners of war to fight for them as soldiers. Mule and his soldiers fall back as Griffith and his army of apostles crush the Kushan army.

Chapter 193: Mule and his troops go to aid Griffith but the psychic girl from earlier uses telepathy to save them from getting hit by arrows landing in their path. Griffith and his army win the battle and the remaining Kushans retreat, only to be killed by Rakushas and a group of apostles. Later, Mule is walking through Griffith's encampment when he encounters the psychic girl, who introduces herself as Sonya and Griffith's army as the Band of the Hawk. She invites Mule to come meet Griffith.

Chapter 194: Mule discovers that former Kushans are being given the option to fight with the Band of the Hawk instead of being executed. Sonya leads Mule through a forest filled with the more beast-like apostle soldiers. One picks up Sonya and acts like he wants to eat her. When Mule protests he is picked up by a giant apostle. Grunbeld and another human-like apostle named Arwin show up and rescue them. Sonya leads Mule to Griffith, who is guarded by Zodd.

Chapter 195: Griffith is surrounded by the spirits of those who died in battle that day. The families and lovers of the spirits are gathered around Griffith praying. Eventually all of the spirits soar up into the sky and dissapear, to a place where Griffith says they will become one. Mule introduces himself as Mule Wolcliff, son of the lord of Lumias (the place where the battle was fought earlier). Mule finds himself swearing allegiance to Griffith. Meanwhile, a Kushan assassination attempt on Griffith is foiled by Rakashas. Elsewhere, Guts and the others are in a swamp, under attack by a group of zombies.

Chapter 196: One evening, Farneze loses Caska after trying to catch a rabbit. After not being able to find her, Farneze hides inside a tree for the whole night. The next day she is discovered by Puck and learns that Caska had made her way back to everyone else to eat the previous day. Later, a shepherd recommends that if Guts and everyone want to avoid human habitations, they should take the mountain pass. He informs them that several countries of the Vatican that have united against the Kushans are gathering their navies in the port city of Vrittanis.

Chapter 197: Guts and Ishidoro continue to spar and train. Caska and Farneze are kidnapped by a troll but are saved by Ishidoro. Ishidoro prepares to fight the troll one-on-one. Nearby the sorceress/witch Schierke from earlier and her elf are watching.

Chapter 198: Ishidoro is rescued by Schierke. We discover that everyone is surrounded by a large pack of trolls. Schierke has everyone come near her and uses a magical ritual to put some kind of protection field around them. She then uses a spell to scare the trolls away. Afterward, Schierke recommends they leave the area because it's dangerous. Ishidoro accidentally trips and grabs Schierke's chest so she uses a spell to make him think he's a monkey. After Guts and Serpico show up, Schierke realizes that what is going on is being caused by Guts and Caska.

Chapter 199: Guts and everyone stumble across a man named Morgan who was injured by trolls. He explains that his village has been under attack by trolls since the start of winter. He was attacked while he and a group of four others searched unsuccessfully to find a witch that lives in the forest in order to ask for help. Puck heals him and the man leads them back to his village (Inock). They end up coming across the witch's house and are surrounded by some kind of mud golems.

Chapter 200: The golems regenerate every time they're hit. Their weakness that causes them to not be able to regenerate is eventually uncovered. Some mysterious person tells Schierke to stop the golems. Schierke invites everyone in for a meeting with her mistress. We learn that the the elf that is always with Schierke is named Evarella. The mistress introduces herself as Flora. She seems to know about everyone's past and tells Guts and Caska that she's been waiting to meet them.

Chapter 201: Flora tells the man from earlier that she can't help his village because she's going to die soon, but she can offer help from her apprentice, Schierke. Flora tells Guts that in exchange for protecting Schierke she can make him and Caska talismans that should reduce the effects of their brands for the length of their journey. Guts agrees. Flora invites them all to eat and stay the night at her house for the night, where they will be protected from their brands. At dinner they talk about elves, spirits, the astral world, idea world, the abyss, magic and a bunch of other topics.

Chapter 202: Guts talks to Flora about the behelit and God Hand. Afterward, Schierke and Flora talk about Guts and Schierke's future.

Chapter 203: Schierke gives Ishidoro and Serpico weapons enhanced by elemental spirits. She gives Caska and Farneze silver armor and a silver dagger. Guts refuses his axe, preferring to use the dragonslayer. Schierke talks about their present location and where it lies in the interstice. After they all leave, Skullknight and Flora talk about them.

Chapter 204: Inock is attacked by trolls. Two villagers are killed and a woman is kidnapped. Morgan leads everyone to his village. The villagers are unsure about what to think because of Schierke's and Ishidoro's age. The village priest accuses them as being entertainers and doesn't believe their village needs outside help. Guts tells the priest that they are on a pilgrimmage to cure Caska's mental illness and requests an inn for the night. The priest is obliged by grant Guts's request because of how temples are supposed to offer charity to pilgrims.

Chapter 205: Schierke tells everyone to wrap locks of her hair around their fingers so that they can communicate telepathically with her. She takes charge as the leader of the upcoming battle since she will be the only one who will be able to grasp the entirety of the situation. Ishidoro gets upset that she's put in charge and runs away. While training, he comes across Morgan and they talk about Morgan's past. Guts and Schierke talk about what happened earlier with the priest.

Chapter 206: After Schierke talks about how she feels about people recently and the Vatican, Guts tells her she should just do what she wants to do. After everyone is finished with tying the locks of hair to their fingers, a large group of trolls attack the village. The villagers run to the church to seek refuge. As Serpico and everyone else does as well, under the orders of Schierke, a woman and her child are attacked by trolls. Serpico uses his wind sword to attack the trolls.

Chapter 207: Serpico saves the woman and child from the trolls. As they make their way to the church, Caska falls to the ground and Farneze risks her life to shield Caska. Serpico rescues them and they make their way to the church but are surrounded by trolls. Guts runs past all of the people at the church that are watching and begins fighting.

Chapter 208: Evarella finishes putting charms at the proper places on the church. Schierke takes charge of the situation and has the villagers go inside the church and Guts and co. buy her time. The priest goes to the roof and tries to stop Schierke from casting her defensive spell on the church. Farneze tries to get the priest to leave Schierke alone. Unfortunately, trolls find their way into the church and onto the roof.

Chapter 209: Guts tells Serpico and Ishidoro to take care of the trolls in the church and on the roof as he handles the ones outside. Farneze uses her silver dagger to attack trolls that come near Caska. Ishidoro attacks a troll with his sword and dagger but is spun around the wrong way by his sword. Morgan takes the blow from the troll meant for Ishidoro. Schierke's defensive barrier spell begins to come into effect.

Chapter 210: Schierke finishes putting the defensive barrier on the church and talks about how the church and magic are related. The trolls inside the barrier disintegrate and Morgan's wounds begin healing. A giant ogre shows up and we learn that while ethereal bodies can't pass through the barrier, corporeal objects can, meaning the ogre is free to fling things through the barrier at everyone.

Chapter 211: Guts buys time for Schierke to cast another spell by attacking the ogre. A kelpie attacks Guts. Serpico volunteers to help Guts. He glides down off the roof using his cape and shocks Schierke at how fast he's gotten skilled with his elemental items.

Chapter 212: Guts battles the ogre and Serpico fights the kelpie. Schierke discovers there used to be a magic sanctuary before the church was built and the spirit of the valley's river still resides there. Serpico eventually manages to stab the kelpie through the head.

Chapter 213: Schierke becomes one with the river spirit and manipulates the rainwater to work against the trolls, ogre, and kelpie. Then, she becomes one with the water and causes the river to flow into their area to wash away the evil beings. Amidst the chaos, Guts kills the ogre and Serpico kills the kelpie.

Chapter 214: Schierke loses herself in the water. Evarella has Farneze tap Schierke's wand at a specific rhythm so that Schierke will be guided back to their world from the spirit realm. When Schierke comes back from her trance, Caska and Farneze fall over the side of the church and into the water. Schierke guides a log to them for them to hold onto as they're swept away. After everything clears up, Schierke is able to find Caska and Farneze's od, but discovers that they are being kidnapped by trolls.

Chapter 215: The villagers thank Schierke for saving them. Schierke asks the priest if a small shrine to the river spirit can be built and he agrees. Morgan is all better thanks to Puck. He gives Ishidoro a small blade that his father won in a bet with a sailor. Serpico stays behind because of his wounds and Guts, Schierke, Ishidoro, Puck, and Evarella go off to save Caska and Farneze. Later, Schierke realizes that they have entered the dark domain of the spiritual realm, called Qliphoth. She is confused by why lately their realm and the spirit realm are overlapping so vividly.

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